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COMMENT: Technology Fails to Predict US Election Result + How Fairfax Got It ‘Oh So Wrong’

COMMENT: Technology failed dismally when it came to predicting the election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency.

Despite having access to tens of millions of social network voters and despite the use of artificial intelligence and predictability software, the analysts, academics and above all the big political research Companies failed to predict a thumping Donald Trump victory that delivered control of both the US Senate and House to the Republicans.

What also fell in a heap was the utter shambolic reporting by left wing media in Australia with Fairfax, the ABC and the Guardian left with egg on their face after shamelessly pushing a doom and gloom agenda if Trump won.

What the left-wing media failed to acknowledge or even recognise was that Donald Trump is a master showman, who is also a very clever businessman. What he brings to the White House are business skills which many believe are critically important if the US economy is to be refocused and re-energised a move that I believe will benefit Australia.

He outmanoeuvred, Clinton, Obama and the entire Democratic machine he used rhetoric and inflammatory comments to gain awareness but he stuck to one single brand proposition “Make America Great Again” the US public bought his brand proposition.

The Republican party will now consolidate its sway over Washington defying predictions by holding on to both houses of Congress and bolstering the power of President-elect Donald Trump.

Since the Republicans also retained control of the House of Representatives, one party now completely controls both the legislative and executive arms of government for the first time since President Barack Obama’s first two years in office in 2009-2011.

So, what went wrong and why did social media fail to recognise the massive swing to Trump.

By overwhelming margins, voters told a Reuters/Ipsos exit poll they felt the United States’ economic and political systems were tilted against them.

The poll found an electorate burning with resentment against Wall Street, politicians and the news media, increasingly alienated from a country it saw changing in ways it didn’t like. Some 75 percent of poll respondents agreed that “America needs a strong leader to take the country back from the rich and powerful.”

Even more — 77 percent — agreed that “mainstream media is more interested in making money than telling the truth.”

In the USA left wing Journalists moved to leaking information to the Clinton camp.

 CNN Donna Brazile fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton ahead of the debate. CNN hosted one of the debates.

 CNN said that they accepted her resignation as contributor.

“We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor.”

So, where does Australia stand.

Technology has delivered a massive trade surplus with Australia. We buy billions of dollars’ worth of US software hardware and retail products from the USA, we are a key strategic partner.

At a Government and Defence level we also purchase billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware and software from US companies and this is not going to change.

Australia is in an excellent strategic position in that we are a westernised nation sitting right on the doorstep of Asia.

During the past three years, we have seen a build-up of US military capability in Northern Australia, Trump will continue to grow this relationship with Australia because it makes sense.

This week Fairfax Media, predicted that stocks and shares would collapse and that the world would become all doom and gloom under a Trump presidency. This is already being proven wrong after he Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 200 points and the 10-year Treasury yield rose above 2% after Donald Trump’s surprise victory.

Investors and traders said they were reassured now that there was a clear winner and that there would be a smooth transfer of power, points underscored by Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. Remarks by Mr. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan also boosted hopes that a unified Republican government could achieve legislation aimed at growing the economy.

What is happening in Australia is that technology is allowing doom and gloom journalists to deliver messaging that is more political than accurate and I suspect that the bulk of Australians are fed up with the left-wing bile being churned out by Fairfax and ABC Media who have a reputation for twisting the truth to suit their agenda.

This is reflected in the fact that Fairfax is financially struggling as consumers desert their media agenda.

On November 8th Fairfax Columnist Paul McGeough wrote “On Wednesday, Americans will awake from a nightmare. Donald Trump will not be their president.

But relief will be short-lived. It will be more a “ha, ha, gotcha” moment appropriate to a lingering Halloween mood; because Trump is likely to be a sore loser, ready to inflict serial new nightmares on the US before he’s done with politics.



Fairfax then went on to claim, President Donald Trump will declare economic war on our biggest customer, wipe unprecedented amounts off global stock markets, usher in extraordinary financial instability, and risk turning the world’s biggest economy into a basket case by pushing its national debt past 100 per cent of GDP.


It will not happen and Fairfax Media who got the Australian election wrong and went into bat for Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, and Bill Shorten are fast running out of spin as Donald Trump takes centre stage and people crawl back to him cap in hand as he moves to carve out a new agenda for the USA and Australia. 

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