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Chrome OS 100th Update, New Chromebook Features

Google have released their 100th update for the Chrome OS and have made it a big one to celebrate. At the core of the update, is the addition of features that add quality of life and accessibility improvements.

The new Chrome Launcher is one of the main features added in the new update. The launcher now opens on the left in a very Windows-esque fashion and allows for quick searches that provide more information than before. The built in search function also allow for easy navigation through tabs and access to shortcuts.

Credit: Google

Users of Chromebooks are now able to notate what they write rather than type it. This is a function that has always somewhat worked on previous software, with issues such as accents, pronunciation and grammar not necessarily translating well. Google have included voice commands such as “delete” for the quick delete of a last letter, however, this may make actually including those words in your email or document difficult.

Updates also include the ability to make your own gifs, Google for Education and Family Link improvements and further access to device insights.

Google have also launched Chrome OS Flex, a free to download cloud operating system that can be used on PCs and Macs. Google say the new OS is built with businesses and schools in mind, and that it brings the “speed, simplicity, manageability and proactive security” of the Chrome OS to non-Chromebook devices. They also claim that the cloud based OS extends the lifespan of older devices as it is a less demanding operating system, and thus reduces e-waste. Currently, Google claim that over 100 devices work with the new OS and have launched the Chrome OS Flex beta.

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