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Christmas Arrival For Google Smart Display

Google has prepared 3 million Smart Display units for shipping by Christmas, taking the fight for voice activated screens to Amazon and Alibaba during the peak sales period.

Sources that spoke with the Nikkei Asian Review leaked the unit numbers and the device format, noting “It’s an aggressive plan.”

Shipping numbers for a comparable device, the Echo Show, only reached 315,000 units last year.

Smart Display technology has been shared with partners such as Lenovo, JBL, LG Electronics and Sony already but this coming run of products will be the first that is produced by Google.

It is believed that Pegatron will be manufacturing the devices for Google, a company known for being a iPhone assembler and weaker competitor to Foxconn.

The device will be operated with voice commands and be compatible with YouTube, calendar and maps apps.

Smart Displays fill a similar market as smart speakers, of which 35 million were shipped globally last year. Of that 35 million, 63 per cent were Amazon, 32 per cent were Google, with everyone else competing for the last remaining section.

Since then the tables have turned. Google managed to capture 36 per cent of the 9 million units shipped, with Amazon slipping down to 28 per cent of the market share for the period from January to March 2018.

Now there are plenty of new competitors to fill the remaining 36 per cent, including Alibaba, Xiaomi, Apple and others. The pie has gotten bigger too with more than 100 million smart speakers expected to be in action by the end of this year, up 250 per cent.

There’s a distinct advantage for Google for aggressively pushing for Smart Displays in people’s homes, other than getting a slice of this expanding market.

IDC analyst Joey Yen said “it could be easier to learn users’ behaviours, experiences and data in a more direct way if they could control the end-devices that go into people’s homes,

“So that’s one of the key reasons that [Google] wants to increase its own hardware presence.”

“for its AI smart speaker business, the company is one of the front-runners, and it is much more ambitious to build an end-to-end ecosystem and platform with its own product lineup.”

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