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Chinese Phone Maker Oppo Goes After The Market Share Of Arch Rival

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo who are splashing the cash in Australia with retailers and carriers just to get ranging in Australia has now moved their attention to Europe after one of their key markets India moved to dump the questionable Chinese brand, they are also chasing down Huawei’s lost market share.

Chinese mobile Companies like Oppo like to brag about their market share, and many claims they are number one in China. 18 months ago, Oppo tried to claim they were number three in Australia despite archrival TCL the owner of the popular Alcatel value brand holding this position.

Recently Oppo cut a deal with the EU’s largest mobile carrier to sell 5G handsets despite the backlash against Chinese phone brands and the risks associated with Chinese products from the likes of Huawei.

Oppo is hoping at least to get 5% in Europe by next year and plans to be one of the top players there in the next three years, Alen Wu, Oppo’s vice president and president of global sales said yesterday.

“2020 is the second full year since we entered the Western and Eastern European markets and we aim to become a real player [with a market share of over 5%] there in the third year,” Wu said. “We see tremendous room for us to grow and elevate our market position in Europe, a strategically important market for Oppo.”

There was no mention of security issues associated with buying Chinese smartphones

Wu bragged that Oppo’s sales in Western Europe, its fastest-growing market, have tripled this year, while sales in Eastern Europe grew nearly as quickly. He presented no supportive evidence for his claims.

Currently, Samsung tops the chart in Europe with a 35% market share in Europe, followed by Apple at 17%, according to data from research company Counterpoint.

In January Oppo could come under threat from Samsung in their home market China as Samsung is set to mount a major marketing campaign during the China New Year holidays in January using their new S30 Galaxy smartphone.

Oppo, who currently is the fifth-largest smartphone maker globally a position that could slip due to the loss of market share in markets such as India where nationals are dumping Chinese products due to the India China conflict is trying to pick up marketshare lost by Huawei.

Oppo who has signed a deal with Deutsche Telekom to sell the company’s 5G smartphones — the Reno 4 series– in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland is believed to have lost share in the UK recently.

Huawei’s European market share plunged 16% in the June quarter, from 22% last year, while arch-rival Xiaomi’s share grew from 6% to 13%, Counterpoint’s data showed.

Oppo’s is also hoping to grow share in Japan in an effort to replace lost share in other markets.

While Oppo’s main focus next year will be on the higher-end segment with 5G-capable models, Wu said the company will also continue releasing some entry-to-mid-level 4G models, as the rollout of 5G mobile networks has been slower than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic and delays in bandwidth auctions.

“China’s deployment of the 5G network is faster than we expected. Looking forward to next year, we expect some 80% of smartphones in China will be 5G phones, from some 60% this year, while South Korea is also fast,” Wu said. “In many overseas markets, however, 5G adoption is a bit slower than we thought.”

Wu said the coronavirus pandemic and geopolitical tensions have made 2020 a very challenging year for the smartphone industry as a whole, and that Oppo has taken steps to address both risks.

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