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China Wants Chipmaking Collaboration With Intel, AMD

The Chinese government has plans to establish an organisation that facilitates collaborations between its own tech companies, and US semiconductor factories, such as AMD and Intel, to “foster development hubs for software, material and manufacturing equipment.”

This comes as a 180 turn, following China’s bid for self reliance in the chipmaking sector, which has seen powerhouses such as Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi move into chipmaking. The plan was to decrease reliance on the likes of the US and Japan.

“Self-reliance is the foundation for the Chinese nation,” President Xi Jinping said in a speech last year, calling for China to become a “technology superpower for national economic security.”

“We must strive to become the world’s main center of science and the high ground of innovation.”

Cutting itself off from the world isn’t a feasible option, given the high reliance on advanced components from various parts of the world. Sanctions imposed by the White House has blocked American companies from trading with numerous Chinese companies with questionable ties.

The US government will no doubt block any official attempts China makes to collaborate with Intel or AMD.

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