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Cheap Sonos Ikea Speakers Revealed

Cheap bottom end speakers incorporating Sonos technology is set to be made available at IKEA with several analysts left scratching their heads as to why.

At one end Sonos is desperately trying to hold onto a position at the top end of the network streaming market despite several premium Hi Fi Companies now offering a superior product to Sonos while at the bottom end Sonos is allowing their technology to be built into what is in essence a house brand speaker made in a Chinese factory that is also making cheap speakers for several brands.

Ikea claims that their new speakers will be more affordable than many of Sonos’ own-branded products, with Ikea planning to offer built-in music systems for those who previously couldn’t afford it.

Yesterday the Company entered the HDMI Arc soundbar market with a the Sonos Beam speaker that has nothing to do with Laser technology. You also need to have a tablet or smartphone around to operate the new Sonos offering which does connect to a TV via a HDMI cable as opposed to a digital output cable.

The new Sonos beam is basically a bog standard soundbar that looks slightly different than the hundreds of other soundbars currently on the market.

According to new research the soundbar market has peaked and Sonos’s entry comes at a time when prices are dropping.

This week Swedish furniture giant IKEA showed off early prototypes of the new Sonos branded speakers at its Democratic Design event.

The non-functioning speakers will join Ikea’s smart home range and will be marketed under the SYMFONISK brand.

None of them look particularly like Sonos speakers. While they are not flat packable you do get a screwdriver and mounting brackets for a wall. They are also only 16bit instead of the new top end 24bit standard for speakers and top end soundbars, the Sonos Beam is also only 16bit.

In a join press release IKEA and Sonos said “In this true collaboration, the speakers will be fully integrated with the Sonos Home Sound System as well as with IKEA’s other Home Smart devices. Both companies have a strong belief in making people’s everyday lives better, and that everyone should be allowed great design at a decent price. The shared values make the collaboration easier, which isn’t to say that it’s without its challenges.”

“Many people dream of built-in sound systems, but few can afford it,” says Björn Block, business leader for Ikea Home Smart. “Our goal is for our collective work to save space, get rid of cords, make clutter invisible, and bring sound and music into the home in a more beautiful way.”