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CES 2023: JLab Reveals $150 Hearing Aids

US audio company JLab is launching an over-the-counter hearing aid that will retail for less than A$150.

Considering the price point for this newly formed health category currently lingers above the US$1,000 mark, JLab is making a big play with this affordable OTC product.

JLab intends to sell two varieties of OTC Hearing Aids, including the aforementioned US$99 option, and a pricier, self-fitting OTC Hearing Aid, with the price TBD.

Both will offer “a discreet design”, “impressive” battery life, and iOS and Android compatibility.

Although there’s not a lot else to go by in way of information — there is currently no release date — JLab has also revealed the JBuds Mini, a tiny “dime-sized” pair of wireless earbuds that will retail for roughly A$59, with the entire buds and charging case no bigger than a fob.

JLab will also release the premium (A$292) JLab Epic Lab Edition buds, which use a hybrid driver design that combines a 10mm dynamic driver and a Knowles balanced armature driver for what JLab promises will produce “the most detailed, balanced, and clear sound the company has ever achieved from a set of earbuds.”


Both sets of earbuds are expected to launch in the US in the second quarter. There is no word of an Australian release, or any further release information for the hearing aids, as yet.

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