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CES 2021: Razer Is Making A Smart Face Mask With Air Filters & A Voice Amplifier

Razer is cashing in on the coronavirus with the introduction of the “world’s smartest mask”, a face mask with air filters and voice amplifying technology.

The American-Singaporean tech company announced the face mask concept at Virtual CES 2021, titling it Project Hazel.

It has a number of unique features which make the face mask ‘smart’, including something called Razer Voiceamp technology which listens to the user’s voice and intelligently reproduces it through two external speakers.

The front of the mask is also completely transparent so there is a full view of the mouth and nose for lip reading and facial expression purposes.

The waterproof, scratch-resistant mask is as tough as it is sustainable—made of recyclable plastic to greatly minimize wastage as compared to disposable masks.

Razer says Project Hazel even qualifies as a surgical N95 respirator that includes both active ventilation and self-sterilisation.

The face mask also comes complete with a charging case which also uses UV sterilisation to clean itself.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the mask is equipped with rings of RGB lights which can be customised through a mobile app.

Razer had already been manufacturing masks at its facilities during the pandemic last year and donated 1 million masks worldwide.

Project Hazel is still just a concept and there is no word yet on pricing or availability.

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