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CES 2020: L’Oreal Releases Beauty Tech With Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality

L’Oreal has penetrated the beauty tech scene by creating a portable beauty gadget with Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality and an app for personalisation and convenience.

Intended to be waste-free and elegant, the Perso Smart Skincare system is designed to host a number of different L’Oreal products in three different cartridges, which are then mixed and dispersed with the press of a button.

The L’Oreal companion app enables customers to set up a personalised profile, through photos being taken of the face on three different angles and a clarification of skincare concerns. The system will then use L’Oreal’s Modiface system to scan the photographs for wrinkles, sunspots and pore visibilities.

Based on the location of the customer, the Artificial Intelligence will then analyse environmental factors, such as temperature, UV and pollen levels – then when the customer is ready, the Perso will assess what products are best and disperse them.

If the Perso is used at night, for example, a formula with active ingredients may be dispensed because the customer will not be exposed to the sun. Likewise, in the morning Perso might include sunscreen for protection.

Customers can select the type of formula they want, such as a moisturiser, serum or eye cream.

Perso is also available as a lipstick maker, which would allow owners to select the colour they desired. It would also generate a selection of shades based on the latest Instagram beauty influencers.

The augmented reality feature involves a camera digitally overlaying the proposed lipstick colour on the persons face before it creates the shade for use.

The Perso is still just a prototype coming out of L’Oreal’s technology incubator. The intended release date for retail is set at early 2021.

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