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CES 2020: LG Set ‘New Benchmark’ With Award Winning AI Washer

LG Electronics has unveiled its most advanced, award-winning development in home washing machines at CES 2020 – the LG ThinQ™ front-load washing machine.

The winner of the coveted 2020 CES Innovation Award, the LG ThinQ™ delivers ‘precision washing’ with convenience, performance and speed. It also features an Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive™ (AI DD) motor along with the company’s AI-powered Proactive Customer Care service.

‘With our innovative washing technologies and AI-based customer service platform, we are certain that our washing machine with AI DD will exceed all consumer expectations,’ said Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company.

‘This washing machine sets a new benchmark for convenience with its larger capacity and customized laundry experience.’

LG’s new washing machine is able to detect the volume and weight of each unique laundry load and uses AI and advanced sensors to identify fabric types in each load.

Using ‘deep learning technology’, the washer then compares this information against more than 20-thousand data points related to washer usage to design the optimal wash cycle setting for ‘the best results.’

When its time to dry, the new LG Smart Pairing feature automatically sends the laundry information to the compatible LG dryer.

The ‘intelligent washer’ can also connect with Amazon Alexa through LG’s ThinQ mobile app to provide notifications when the laundry detergent is running low. Owners may enable Amazon Dash Replenishment via the app to automatically reorder supplies, such as detergent and fabric softener.

Following its CES debut, the LG ThinQ™ will roll out in North America in the first half of the year with availability in other markets to follow.

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