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CES 2019: Swann Takes Home Security To A New Level

Australian security Company Swann has delivered a premium range of new devices at this year’s CES Show in Las Vegas including software that can identify the difference between regular home visitors and pets Vs intruders.

A major supplier to both the Australian and US markets the Swann offering this year is a major step up from previous years, they were also one of the first security Company to add Google Voice.

After saying “Hey, Google, show me the front door,” a high resolution 4K image appears on a screen delivered direct from a Swann camera.

Swann who were the first to launch a Google Voice connected security device for their Wireless or wired multi-camera 4k surveillance systems, is delivering premium security devices at up to 35% cheaper than their competitors.

The Company have also invested in beefing up their Melbourne based software development team who are now delivering “CSI” technology for the home.

This software is among the best we have seen in a home security device it can tell the difference between a package being delivered or stolen, to pets running around at night to whether the person is known to the security system. The system will then decide whether to issue an alert.


Their True Detect employs heat-based PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection is now available with select Swann security systems.

This technology distinguishes the heat of larger objects, including people and cars.

Users can opt to receive iOS and Android smartphone notifications whenever the tech is triggered, viewing real-time video and audio on the accompanying SAFE app.

At the entry level One of Swann cameras deliver both 1080p FullHD video, night vision and IP65-rated weatherproofing, the Wi-Fi camera is positioned for both indoor and outdoor residential use and is half the price of products from competitors such as Arlo and Ring.

Its 120-degree wide-angle viewing lens enables consumers to capture faces and license plates from multiple angles, Swann executives told ChannelNews that their True Detect heat-sensing technology prevents such false-alarm triggers as pet movement or trees blowing

In store display for retailers with real time 4K streaming.

The Swann 4K DVR Series package includes that includes 4K Ultra 4D cameras (kits available with 4 or 8 cameras, with individual cameras sold separately) also includes free local recording for 180-plus days onto a massive 2TB hard drive as well as delivery to a personal Dropbox account.

“The ability to effectively monitor and protect your home 24/7 is an increasing concern for consumers,” said Jeremy Stewart, vice president of global marketing at Swann

‘’With the Ultra HD 4K Series of DVRs, we are catering to both the professional market and the home, with the opportunity to stay alert at all times with advanced 4K video quality and digital zoom capability. our Swann’s True Detect technology”.

the Swann surveillance setup also encompasses a pretty robust night vision feature that can rotate over 45 meters in total darkness, or up 60 meters with ambient light like street lights or other outside illumination.