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CES 2018: Jabra’s Elite Range Gets Smarter & Stronger

Jabra has unveiled its most technically advanced range of wireless headphones at CES 2018 – the new Elite 45e, Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t – which claim to set new standards in durability and environmental resistance.

Jabra’s Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t debut integration with Amazon’s Alexa, whilst providing one-touch access to Siri & Google Now.

The company affirms it is one of the first to offer this mobile feature, providing access to Alexa direction from the earbuds. Users can interact with Alexa to query the weather, ask about the news and more.

Its third-generation earbuds claim to offer superior audio quality, a reliable Bluetooth connection, and voice assistant integration.

At CES 2018, recipients will be given the opportunity to watch Jabra water down various earbuds, in a bid to demonstrate the company’s commitment to product durability.


By incorporating the GN Group’s expertise in audio and hearing aid knowledge, each Elite product claims to offer unique microphone configurations to ensure users can always be heard by voice call recipients/smart assistant whether indoors or outdoors.

René Svendsen-Tune, Jabra CEO, praises the company for its continual innovation, across both true wireless earbuds and neckband solutions:

“By introducing the Elite franchise, we have demonstrated to headphone users that we understand their needs and that we are fully committed to providing the best voice and music headphone solutions. Our new Elite franchise accommodates three levels of technology in sound, microphone and voice interaction capabilities, different endurance levels, and both true wireless earbud and neckband solutions”

“With the Elite family, we now offer headsets for every choice of wearing style, use case and price point”.

Jabra’s Elite 65t will be available in Australia from March, whilst the Elite Active 45e and Elite Active 65t will arrive locally in mid-2018. Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed.
Product Features & Specifications:

1. Jabra Elite 65t – for those who want superior sound and connectivity from truly wireless earbuds for everyday use – with rock solid connectivity and high battery life of totally 15 hrs.

2. Jabra Elite Active 65t – for those who want the same superior sound and connectivity as Elite 65t, with the added features, durability and fit of a sports product – IP56 certification, special coating for better grip and accelerometer for tracking.


3. Jabra Elite Sport 45e – for users who want the “best-combined” voice and music experience, with a soft neckband (with memory wire) and unique box microphone solution for clear voice communication. Boasts even higher durability (IP67) and 3 year warranty against sweat.

Further information can be obtained from Jabra’s website here.

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