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CES 2017: Samsung Updates Family Hub Smart Fridge And Built-In Appliances

Samsung have updated the Family Hub smart fridge announced at last year’s CES, with the new Family Hub 2.0 adding a wider range of models, enhanced usability and improved app integration.

The company also used CES 2017 to introduce a new line of built-in cooking appliances with smart connectivity, including ovens, cooktops and range hoods.

Family Hub 2.0 will be available for all of Samsung’s 3-door and 4-door French Door fridges alongside the existing 4-door Flex range.

“After just one year of availability, the Family Hub has transformed the concept of the connected kitchen by enabling users to order and manage grocery shopping, connect with family and friends, and access entertainment right from the comfort of their kitchen,” said Byung-Sam Seo, President of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics.

“Taking flexibility and functionality to a whole new level, the Family Hub 2.0 is entirely about helping consumers better manage as well as enjoy their lives.”


Samsung has focused on improving usability and food management in the new version. Internal cameras are able to show which items need to be replenished, adding images to a shopping list when required. A recipe app powered by AllRecipes can read out recipes aloud and display them in enlarged text.

The interface of the Family Hub 2.0 has been completely revamped so family members can easily create their own unique profiles to interact with the fridge’s 21.5-inch touchscreen like a digital bulletin board. The Family Hub app allows family members to share photos, post memos and access a calendar wherever they are.

Advanced voice technology from Samsung has also been integrated into Family Hub 2.0 apps, allowing users to ask about the weather, add products to shopping lists and many other functions. Samsung is also collaborating with other companies to integrate options for food delivery and cooking, safety and security, and news and entertainment into the Family Hub 2.0.

“The Family Hub range changes the way we think about what a traditional kitchen appliance and the response since its launch has been exceptional,” said Jeremy Senior, Director of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“We look forward to further enhancing our connected offering this year and will share more news later in 2017,” Mr Senior added.


Double and single wall ovens, gas cooktops, induction cooktops, electric cooktops and range hoods make up Samsung’s new range of built-in appliances. Intelligent features are integrated into all of the appliances, including Flex Duo technology on the Built-in Double Wall Oven that allows three distinct oven spaces to be controlled individually, as well as SteamBake and SteamRoast functions on all of the built-in ovens for greater control over taste and texture.

The Built-in Cooktops have some of the most powerful burners available, with Virtual Flame Technology helping to delvier precise cooking control and a removable Magnetic Knob helping to simplify the cleaning process

All of the appliances are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to control and turn off their oven from their smartphone, as well as monitor their cooktop and range hood. Bluetooth is also used to connect the cooktop and range hood for automatic fan and light functions.

Additional details on the availability of Samsung’s new appliances in Australia is expected later in the year.