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Catch Group Sues Kogan For AdWords Trademark Breach

Catch Group has reportedly sued e-commerce rival, Kogan, alleging the company harnessed and breached “catch” trademarks in Google sponsored links, whilst attempting to drive web traffic.

“A search of Google for ‘catch connect’, ‘catch mobile’ or ‘catch mobile plans’ resulted in the identification of a sponsored link to [catchmobile.com.au], which was sponsored by [Kogan],” reads Catch’s statement of claim.

Catch claims Kogan started using the infringing AdWords sponsored links near the time Catch Group debuted its Optus-run ‘Catch Connect’ telco service.

Catch has reportedly filed with the Federal Court, alleging Kogan’s ownership of catchinsurance.com and catchloans.com is also an attempt to portray its products are linked to the Catch Group.

Through the alleged misinterpretation, Catch claims Kogan has breached the ACL.

The company asserts Kogan has used the [trademark-affiliated] word “catch” to drive traffic to Kogan-owned catchmobile.com.au via Google AdWords links.

In a statement of claim, Catch claims Kogan’s Google sponsored link representations are “false” because “none of the Kogan Catch mobile products or services or catchmobile.com.au is provided by, or with the licence or authority of, Catch Group, affiliated with Catch Group, or sponsored or approved by Catch Group.”

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