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Canon Sued For $7M Over ‘All-In-One’ Printers

Canon’s All-In-One printers don’t do what it says on the box, according to a disgruntled Queens man, who has filed a class-action lawsuit against the electronics company.

“In truth, the All-in-One Printers do not scan or fax documents when the devices have low or empty ink cartridges,” said David Leacraft, the plaintiff, in a complaint filed last week.

“Canon’s advertising claims are false, misleading, and reasonably likely to deceive the public,” Leacraft added.

Leacraft’s issue is with Canon PIXMA MG2522 labelling the printer a “so-called all-in-one device,” as he writes in the complaint, despite it needing ink to carry out unrelated functions.

“Plaintiff Leacraft would not have purchased the device or would not have paid as much for it had he known that he would have to maintain ink in the device in order to scan documents,” the complaint said.

Leacraft claims a Canon representative told him “there is no workaround for this.”

He is looking for over $7 million AUD in total damages and costs, to be split between a full list of over 100 plaintiffs.

Canon is charged with breach of express warranty, unjust enrichment, and a number of local New York laws.

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