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BusiSoft Boss Opens New Store After Snaring Big Hi Fi Brand From Advanced Audio

Addicted to Audio is set to open a brand-new retail store, the news comes after parent distribution Company BusiSoft snared the rights to the Steinway Lyngdorf top end audio brand from Advanced Audio

Several weeks ago, George Poutakidis, CEO of BusiSoft categorically denied to ChannelNews that he was taking over the top end Hi Fi brand that configured in Australia costs over $450,000.

BusiSoft who are set to make a major announcement next month haver confirmed that they will shortly open a new retail outlet in Auckland and that his New Zealand customers are “well aware that the store is opening” according to Poutakidis.

He has not disclosed what the major announcement is or whether he has acquired a retail store in Australia.

Late last year rumours were swirling that he was buying the NSW based Lifestyle Store Poutakidis has denied this.

Yesterday he said,” When I spoke to ChannelNews some weeks ago we had not had any discussions regarding our recent Steinway Lyngdorf acquisition”.

He has not said how he intends to sell the $400K+ system which customers like transport magnet Lindsay Fox own.

Advanced Audio have also not revealed why they were dumped despite having a reputation for selling top end integrated audio solutions.

“We are opening a store next month in Auckland under our Addicted To Audio Brand. We have been planning this for some time, but it was delayed due to COVID-19”.

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