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BREAKING NEWS: Something Has Gone “Horribly Wrong” Claims Amazon Partners

Amazon Australia partners are claiming that something has gone “horribly wrong” after the big US retailer failed to launch in Australia on Black Friday.

Marketplace participates who earlier this week were sent a ‘confidential email” telling them to be ready for a 2.00pm Thursday November 23rd test launch of the site have told ChannelNews that they have not been given any explanation as to why Amazon has not gone live.

One major partner said, “We have no order, we don’t even have access to an Amazon tracking portal. We are being kept in the dark”.

“Our stock is sitting in warehouses ready to go.

At Synnex who are a major distribution partner for Amazon and are holding millions of dollars-worth of stock an executive told ChannelNews this morning that “Not one single order has been received”.

“It appears that something has gone horribly wrong and they have decided not to launch”.

At Ingram Micro a source said, “We have had no orders despite being told that we had to be ready by Thursday”.

The executive claimed that what this week’s email from Amazon to Marketplace participants had done, was force retailers in Australia to launch “massive Black Friday” discount sales which they would not normally have done if Amazon had not been launching in Australia.

Calls to Amazon executives have not been returned.

A senior excecutive from a major US PC brand who is also a major global partner with Amazon and is today running a 40% off promotion with a leading Australian retailer today said “We were expecting to sell via Amazon and our normal retail channel. We have no knowledge as to why Amazon has not launched, we are also asking questions”.



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