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Key Telstra 5G Partner Accused Of Poor Gear & Struggling To Deliver On Time

Nokia, a Key Telstra 5G partner has been accused of struggling to deliver communication equiptment that is needed to deliver Telstra’s new 5G network.

It’s also been claimed that the Nokia 5G gear is not as good as similar equiptment from Samsung, Huawei or Eriksson who are also a supplier to Telstra.

A recent report claims that the European supplier who Telstra was forced to use after the Federal Government moved to ban Chinese Company Huawei is falling behind at three South Korean MNOs who are more advanced than Telstra in the roll out of 5G in South Korea, they have also been accused of delivering poor quality 5G equiptment.

Nokia is still claiming that they are on top of the problem.

Business Korea claim that the story is correct and the problem could lead to financial problems for Nokia.

They also claim that that shipments of Nokia 5G gear are three months behind schedule and then goes on to say “Nokia’s equipment is lower in quality than those supplied by Samsung Electronics, Ericsson and Huawei.

It’s also claimed that problems with “interoperability testing and massive traffic processing” have been identified.

It concludes by speculating that operators may need to take emergency measures to compensate for these failings.

Nokia responded claiming “Nokia is actively delivering our 5G equipment to operators in Korea and we are confident that we will fulfill the 5G equipment needs of all customers. We have already started delivering 5G units to customers there and are increasing our 5G production capabilities”.

The Company added “As a leading global communications company, we are committed to delivering best in-class products to all our partners and customers.”

They did not deny that they had delivery problems or commented on the quality of the Nokia 5G equiptment.

The report doesn’t suggest no gear is being delivered, just that it’s late and not very good.

Expressing confidence is not the same as saying the report is wrong and vowing to increase production capabilities.

This is not good news for Telstra as Korea is a significantly bigger and superior communication market than Australia.


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