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BREAKING NEWS: Distributor Stripped Of Focal & Naim Pro Audio Brands

NA Distributors the New Zealand based distributor who was trying to flog top end audio in Australia, has been stripped of the Naim and Focal brands with Melbourne based Company BusiSoft picking up the rights for Australia.

The Company that also owns Addicted to Audio had a record 2018 and are now looking to expand their product portfolio. Currently they are the distributor Astell & Kern, Dynaudio, Moon, Bryson and several other major brands.

Last year Michael Meglio quit Advanced Audio to take on the role of General Manager at BusiSoft who a relative newcomer to the premium end of the audio component market.

HyperFocal: 0

Established in 1986, BusiSoft AV was borne out of a simple’ desire to bring the best products from around the world to Australia and New Zealand’ executives claim.

They said, “As the audio-visual market continues to shift rapidly, we are ready to bring the right products to a new generation of audio consumers”.

“These are the customers who understand premium products and who seek out digital, wireless, networked and streaming technologies. They are unwilling to compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal”.

NA distributors who some retailers claim were struggling to service the Australian market with these brands has not commented.

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