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BREAKING NEWS: Acer Scores Massive Education Deal For Chromebook

Acer – a leading supplier to Australian schools – has cemented its number one position in the space, following the announcement of a 15,000 unit Chromebook deal with the ACT government.

The deal is a major blow to Microsoft and their Windows 10 OS, which is being dumped by schools around the world, in favour of a Google Chrome offering.

ACT Education Minister, Yvette Berry, announced the purchase of Acer’s Chromebook devices, in addition to an ‘Associated Delivery and Support Services’ deal.

Acer’s Chromebook Spin 11 recently won a ‘Red Dot Award’ for outstanding product design, and is being viewed by schools as an ideal solution, because of its ability to stand up to the rough and tumble of the classroom, and withstand commutes to school.

A big advantage of the product is its ability to withstand drops from 122 cm. The device can support up to 330mm of liquid being poured upon it, which Acer guarantees will still offer protection of key internal components.

Designed for today’s modern classroom, the device has been specifically chosen by the ACT government, and comes fitted with two Acer HD wide-view HDR webcams, which can be accessed in both notebook and tablet mode.

The device also includes a Wacom EMR stylus, which mimics pen and paper.

Rod Bassi, Acer’s Region Sales Director, claims that Acer is thrilled to have been selected as the hardware vendor of choice in the ACT, and by another leading education department.

“Our Acer Spin 11 product is proving highly popular in schools because it is not only rugged, and flexible, but delivers a cost-effective solution for both education departments, and parents buying the device for their children”.

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