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LG App Ain’t No Smart Thing

A glitch in the LG mobile app finds owners of LG products in shock. The LG smartThinQ app is experiencing security losses and app hijacking more and more as the problem persists and is not addressed.

These security breaches have created havoc for families and has allowed hackers to not only control normal household products such as microwaves, dryers, and vacuums, but also allows for these devices to be used as spying devices for the not just electronics within the home but for the home itself. Security, data, and personal information from the home could be accessed through these home appliance hacks.

Hackers can control oven temperature, vacuum cleaner cameras and dishwasher settings. Hackers can also steel data off certain home networks if given more access and time. According to Daily Mail U.K, security experts could locate a problem with the data traffic between the appliance made by LG and the LG sever.

Hackers not only can create fake LG accounts but also can link that fake account to families’ real accounts. If the problem persists and more families begin and continue to use smart appliances in the home, hackers will then start to attack full home networks as opposed to that individual Appliance.

LG at the beginning of last year sold over 400,000 LG robotic vacuums. Those who own any LG Smart home appliances are encouraged to update their recent version of the app. Using the most recent version should now allow for households to be safer.

LG technology experts have now released a new version to combat the many security flaws happening in several households around the world. This newer safer version should allow for less security breaches.

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