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Bowers & Wilkins Offers Trade-In Deal For New Speakers

British audio firm Bowers & Wilkins is offering a ‘Trade In – Trade Up’ promotion for customers looking to buy a new stereo or home theatre speaker.

Participating Bowers & Wilkins dealers across Australia are offering a guaranteed minimum trade-in amount for old, still-working speakers on a new pair of selected premium B&W home or custom speakers.

In the premium end of the range, customers can save $4390 off the ticket price of the 800 D3 speakers, which retail for $43,900.

In the more affordable range, customers can trade-in old speakers for a minimum amount of $300 on the recently-released 603 S2 Anniversary Edition speaker.

DB Series Subwoofers

The offer is available on over 50 different models across the Bowers & Wilkins range, including the Mini Theatre Series and Custom Theatre ranges.

And for the first time, customers can also choose from selected custom installation models.

The 2021 Trade In – Trade Up deal is on for a limited time only and users wanting to upgrade their sound can learn more information at participating dealers.

A full list of eligible models can be found at www.bw-rewards.com.au.

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