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Bose Launch Three New Smart Glasses In Australia

Premium audio equipment maker, Bose, has launched three new smart glasses in Australia, with the frames set to hit retail stores from October 5 for A$399.95.

The new Bose Frames (Tempo, Tenor and Soprano) combine the style and protection of high-end sunglasses (prescription-ready) with the functionality of headphones in an innovative wearable device.

The new Tenor smart glasses encompass a smaller square style, with the Soprano harnessing a cat-eye design. The spectacles pledge to deliver noticeably better bass response versus the original model.

The new Tempo smart glasses are specifically designed for sports and outdoor usage (e.g. biking, running, climbing) and offer the best performance in the frames line-up.

Also new are Bose’s’ QuietComfort Earbuds (A$399.95) and Sports Earbuds (A$299.95).

The QuietComfort buds will also release from October 5, and follows a leaked marketing video which was prematurely displayed on Harvey Norman’s website.

The buds integrate Bose’s noise-cancelling smarts despite their in-ear design, and take on Apple’s AirPods Pro.

The new Sports Earbuds pledge better audio playback than their predecessor, alongside a more compact size.

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