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Boost Mobile Takes Apple Music Unlimited

Speaking to journalists at an event in Sydney, Boost Mobile co-founder Peter Adderton revealed that the MVNO would now offer unmetered (or “data-free”) access to Apple Music for Australian customers.

Data-free Apple Music is now available on all of Boost’s 28-day recharges, priced at $30 a month.

Adderton also expressed an interest in expanding the scope of such unmetered apps, saying “I would love to see something like Youtube [unmetered via Boost].”

Speaking about the rise of “unlimited” or “unmetered” mobile services in Australia, Adderson believes that it will only take one company to make the jump from unmetered to unlimited and “the rest will follow at 100-miles an hour.”

He explained that the telecom industry’s transition to a world of unlimited mobile data plans would be one enabled by offering plans that include unmetered or “data-free” apps.

“We’re going unlimited – the question you’ve got to ask the carriers is what does that mean because their margins aren’t going to stay the same,” he went on to say.

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