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B&O Play Goes Multi-Room With Google Cast

B&O Play has updated the capabilities of Google Cast for its speakers, with it now providing for multi-room set-up.

The introduction of multi-room capabilities follows B&O Play bringing Google Cast to its Beoplay A6 and second-generation Beoplay A9 speakers earlier in the year, with it to be a standard in all network speakers going forward.

“Having the ability to connect music seamlessly is integral to B&O Play’s success,” B&O Play senior vice president Henrik Taudorf Lorensen commented.

“With Google Cast, you can enjoy music directly from the cloud instead of playing music from your device, which gives premium audio quality and ensures that incoming calls or texts do not disrupt the music-listening experience.

“We believe that freedom of choice in streaming technologies is increasingly important to consumers, so we are proud to bring Google Cast multi-room support to our network speakers.”

Further information can be found here.

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