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Bluetooth 5 To Bring More Speed, Range And Efficiency

The new version of the commonplace wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5, has launched today with tech manufacturers expected to incorporate the tech into their smart devices within the next two to six months.

The new version promises to deliver a new common low-energy format that allows Bluetooth connections to reach up to twice the speeds and up to four times the distance of what they could previously.

This is an important breakthrough given the increased prominent of Bluetooth within wireless audio and smart home setups.

Chuck Sabin, Bluetooth SIG’s director of business strategy, says the goal of these improvements is to “increase the overall quality of the connections and the interoperability of these connections,” making Bluetooth a more compelling tool for the growing number of Internet of Things devices competing for space in user’s homes.

It will also allow Bluetooth’s wireless signals to adapt and steer clear of congested airwaves by avoiding Wi-Fi and LTE transmissions, enabling a more efficient wireless environment.

Though the new standard will likely take some time to be felt and is only the first step in addressing the format’s shortcomings, it’s still an important one given the increased use of the format in smart devices.

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