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Blackberry Separate Management Team In OZ First Look At New Phone

A separate management team is currently being set up to launch the new Blackberry smartphone which will be manufactured by TCL the owners of the highly successful Alcatel brand in Australia.

Managing Director of the new operation will be Sam Skontos, who has been responsible for growing the Alcatel brand he will oversee both the Alcatel and Blackberry brands across Asia Pacific.
Yesterday at CES 2017 gave ChannelNews a first look at the new BlackBerry premium keyboard smartphone

According to Skontas the three key reasons for a consumer to buy the new device will be security, productivity and reliability.

He claims that the new models which are set to go on sale in Australia in the second quarter of 2017, delivers unparalleled mobile security and software and will be the most secure Android smartphones sold in Australia.

The new models will feature the distinctive BlackBerry keyboard and will come with a number of apps, such as Hub+ which delivers productivity for business and professional users.

The device that ChannelNews was shown at CES felt good in the hand and the keyboard was easy to type on, while the screen was bright and clear. New Blackberry

“At TCL Communication, we are committed to creating the best BlackBerry products for consumers and enterprise users,” said Nicolas Zibell, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Communication.

The BlackBerry smartphone’s name and final details will be officially disclosed at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona next month.

TCL claim that the key features are:

Keyboard: The world’s most advanced intelligent keyboard to date: touch sensitive with predictive typing functionality customized to your writing style and language preferences
Tactility: High-gloss polished keys mimic the finish of the display glass, giving a consistent, polished look across the front of the device.

Security: Device security built in from the start using trusted BlackBerry security software that is updated in real time to ensure the best protection for your corporate and personal data.

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