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Billions Roll For Bezos

Billions Roll For Bezos

The net worth of 52-year-old Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, pictured, has increased to US$60 billion, as the online retailer posted Q1 sales and earnings that topped analysts’ estimates and pushed up shares.

At the same time the fortune of Mexican telco king, Carlos Slim, fell US$3.4 billion to $55 billion when his phone company, America Movil, plunged the most in eight years as profit margins continued to shrink.

Bezos passed Slim for the first time in November 2015 but ceded the position to him again in February.

The latest gain for Bezos tops the $3.6 billion rise for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which came after a strong Q1 earning report for the social network giant. Zuckerberg is now world’s eighth-richest person with assets worth $51 billion.

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