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Best Smart Scales In 2020

withings body cardio smart scale

In 2020 we have already seen huge strides in the health tech arena, and smart scales are fast becoming a must-have tech lifestyle products. The smart scales we’ve written about below all measure a vast array of health metrics and utilise Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology so you can view your in-depth health statistics on apps that measure and graph your progress.

  1. Withings Body Cardio: France’s Withings, which was purchased by Nokia in April 2016, put the Wi-Fi scale on the market back in 2009. Their Body Cardio model conducts advanced analyses on your fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and water retention. Through it’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth syncing capabilities you can partner with over 100 partner apps – including Apple Health, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and Fitbit – and track your weight over time. The scale can be used by the whole family, supporting 8 user profiles that it can match to individual users automatically. In addition, its high level of accuracy – measuring in increments of 0.1kg – allow for a ‘Baby Mode’, where you can measure the growth of your child by holding them in your arms. Price: $179.95
  2. Fitbit Aria 2: This device pairs with the Fitbit app, adding extra value if you’re already a Fitbit wearer. Aria 2 details your body fat percentage, BMI, lean mass. It automatically charts your weight in the app so you can track progress over time, and supports and automatically detects up to 8 user profiles and keeps your personal data private from other users. It can pair via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Although the FDA named Fitbit Aria 2 as the most accurate smart scale in 2017, we still think this item is a tad overpriced compared to its competitors. Price: $199.95
  3. Beurer BF 950: Beurer is a Germany-based manufacturer of health and well-being electronic devices, well known for their reliability and precision. The Beurer BF 950 measures weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass, active metabolic rate, basal metabolic rate and BMI. The scales automatically transfer your data to the beurer HealthManager app via Bluetooth and can recognise 8 different user profiles. The pregnancy feature guides you through healthy weight gain during pregnancy. Price: $199.95

    beurer bf 950

    beurer bf 950

  4. eufy Smart Scale: The eufy Smart Scale can determine your muscle mass, body water and body fat to increments of 0.1%. It supports multiple device pairings, eliminating the need to connect and disconnect devices when different users step on the scales. The EufyLife app will automatically sync your data for all metrics with Apple Health or Google Fit, allowing for a centralised collation of all your health data. Price: $129
  5. Garmin Index Smart Scale: The Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected and can measure up to 16 different users. It measures weight, body mass index, body fat, skeletal muscle mass and bone mass. Once you’ve set up a user profile, your health data will automatically be uploaded to the Garmin Connect App (which is especially useful if you have other wearable Garmin devices). Through the Garmin Connect App you can set up goals and view detailed info break-downs on your health metrics. Price: $196

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