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Beoplay H5 Wireless Earphones Available In Oz

B&O Play has introduced its first wireless earphones, launching the Beoplay H5, available in the Australian market from today.

A cable connects the H5’s two earpieces, encased in a braided textile, designed to make it comfortable against the skin, while the earphones are made of textured rubber and polymer to resist sweat and moisture.

b&o4“When designing earphones to be worn in the inner ear for many hours, comfort is the most important factor,” designer Jakob Wagner commented.

“The human ear is a delicate and fascinating part of the body, and I wanted to honour that and take care for it to make Beoplay H5 sit beautifully in the outer ear and blend in naturally. Soft and yet precise.”

The H5 are equipped with a 6.4 mm dynamic speaker, along with a small electromagnetic transducer and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with Digital Sound Processing, allowing for dynamic sound tuning.

The Beoplay app for Android, iPhone and Apple Watch can be used for different sound profiles specifically created for the H5, while users can adjust tonality and sound staging themselves via B&O Play ToneTouch.

Users can also control the music (play, pause, forward, back) via the app and can monitor the H5’s battery status.

The H5 are equipped with a rechargeable battery with a total capacity of 100 mAh, providing up to five hours of wireless mobility between charges. A cubic charger comes with the earphones, with users clicking the earphones into the charger, with two magnets holding the earpieces in place as they charge.

b&o3The H5 come with seven pairs of ear tips, three different sizes of rugged, heat-sensitive and breathable Comply Sport, and four sizes of regular silicone tips.

The H5 are priced at $389, available at Bang & Olufsen stores nationally.

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