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BenQ Push New Zowie eSports Monitor

BenQ have revealed they’ll be bringing the new Zowie 24-inch RL2460 gaming monitor to market.

They say the LCD monitor has been designed to “enhance the competitive gaming experience by creating an exceptional lag-free console gaming experience.”

They’re even touting it as tournament-ready, with exclusive functionality to “to set up a Head-to-Head combat station using two simultaneous displays connected to a single console.”

They expect this feature to make it a staple at professional gaming like EVO. You can see it in action below:

The RL2460 has even got a number of customization profile settings for different kinds of games, allowing you to maximize performance whether you’re playing a twitch-driven first-person or a classic fighting game. 

BenQ acquired Zowie late last year and earlier this year announced plans to roll the branding for Zowie into its pro-gaming product range.

The RL2460 is available now for an RRP of $299.

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