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Beam Partners With Leisure-Tec Australia For Zoleo Tracker

Beam Communications has signed a distribution deal with Leisure-Tec Australia for the ZOLEO seamless global communicator.

The ZOLEO device teams with a smart phone to ensure users remain connected, regardless of where they wander to. The communicator chooses the lowest cost network as it seamlessly switches between Wi-Fi, mobile and satellite.

Leisure-Tec, a leading RV and outdoor equipment group, will offer this through their distribution channels.

Leisure-Tec created the myCOOLMAN brand of portable fridges and freezers, and distributes UK-based RV accessory manufacturer Milenco.

Last month they launched a new online marketplace, explaining: “With more Australians choosing to holiday domestically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth prospects for the outdoor, caravan and camping sector remain very strong.”

As do the growth prospects of tech companies operating in this space.

Beam’s Vice President of ZOLEO Sales, Peter Papas, explained that “the opportunity to showcase ZOLEO alongside other leading global brands will reinforce ZOLEO’s position as the industry standard when it comes to safety and communications.

“We are excited to be able to work with an industry leader like Leisure-Tec, which has an extensive distribution network and presence in the domestic RV market.”

Leisure-Tec Australia CEO, Paul Widdis, explains: “As the representative to several international market-leading brands and companies in the RV and outdoor recreation sector … the ZOLEO device sits well in our portfolio of innovative outdoor products that enrich the lives of our customers, encouraging them to get more out of life and make living life off the beaten track a reality with all of the comforts of home.”