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Sorry Siri: Google’s PA Hits Apples

Sorry Siri: Google

The gazillions of Apple iPhone and iPad owners can now use the Google Now personal assistant as part of an update for its Search app on iOS, the search king announced on its blog today. 
Google Now is the service that gives you helpful info like news updates, weather, nearby services like restaurants, already available on Android devices like Samsung, HTC and Google-owned Motorola.  
“With the launch of Google Now on iPhone and iPad, your smartphone will become even smarter,” writes Dave Kim, Google Maps Marketing Manager and also spreads more Gooey love to Apple – in the form of voice search on the Google app. 

“Google Now is about giving you just the right information at just the right time.”

“In addition to the handy cards in Google Now, the Google Search app still gives you instant answers to all your questions.” 

Apple already has its own in-house voice search in the form of Siri, who may not be happy with Google elbowing in on her chat. 
“Try tapping the microphone and speak to your phone-you’ll get quick answers spoken back to you. For example, ask Google, “Do I need an umbrella this weekend?” and you’ll get the forecast. 
“Or ask ‘Who’s in the cast of ‘Oblivion?'” to decide if you want to see it. Voice Search is particularly handy on the go-try “Show me nearby pizza places” and you’ll see a map of restaurants around you with directions, phone numbers, ratings and hours,” writes Kim. 
Apple’s previous attempt to boot rival Google Maps off its iOS by introducing its in house Apple Maps ended in disaster after the new system went haywire and was sending users into the wilderness, literally. 
But this is not the only non-Apple system Cupertino has left on to its sacrosanct iOS of late, it also allowed Facebook Home enter in limited form – with Chat Heads messaging system  – this month, a feature which is on newer Android smartphones, the mobile OS created by Google. 

Get the updated Google Search app from Apple App Store.