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Battery On Current Galaxy Note 7 To Be Limited

Despite selling over 2.5M Galaxy Note 7 smartphones Samsung, has only had 35 reported incidences of battery failure US Government officials have been told.

The device which has been subject to a global recall is set to go back on sale in Australia next week the Company said. The Korean Company has also moved to minimise the potential of fire risk to any Note 7 models still out there by implementing a software fix that will prevent more fires or explosions.

As part of the fix which will be rolled out on September 19th, the battery in the Note 7, will no longer charge beyond 60 per cent, which the company says should prevent instances of overheating.

While not sustainable as a solution for holding onto original devices, it is a prudent stop-gap measure from the under-fire Korean giant.

“It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologize for causing inconvenience,” an advertisement in a South Korean newspaper reads.

It is not yet clear whether the software rollout will occur on the same day in international territories like Europe and the US.

The company is currently producing new battery packs with the hope of commencing an exchange program in multiple territories within the next week.

A whopping $26 billion has been wiped off the company’s stock price since the recall of an estimate 2.5 million devices.

There have been multiple damaging reports of explosions and fires occurring while the device is being charged, leading some airlines to ban its use on flights.

A report on Tuesday said the “initial conclusions” of a Samsung investigation had revealed a manufacturing fault the placed pressure on the plates within the battery cells.

It is said this pressure bought positive and negative poles into contact, triggering the excessive heat that caused the batteries to flare up.

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