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Google Says Less Is More

Google Says Less Is More

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In other words, the company has decreased the space around a word that would result in a click, so therefore more clicks would be intentional. 

 This data confirmed the slowing growth in Google’s paid clicks and has renewed the continuing debate over whether the  company’s revenue can quickly adjust to changes it made in how it generates clicks.
According to the results, the click-through rate grew 3 per cent this February compared to February 2007, and January saw no increase compared to January 2007. Some months earlier, the rate was growing 25 per cent to 40 per cent compared to a year earlier.

However Google has reported steadily rising per-click revenue.
However many analysts are predicting Google will fall short of expectations in the financial current quarter because of the lower click-through rate and also because many advertisers are trimming their budgets and not responding to the changes Google has made.