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Australians Write Off Millions Of Smartphones

2.5 million smartphones have been lost or destroyed by Australians in the last five years according to a survey from comparison site Finder.

To replace these broken and misplaced smartphones, Finder reported that Australians have collectively spent at least $755 million based on an average replacement cost of $300.

“Given that a premium smartphone costs as much as the average weekly wage in Australia, that’s a lot of money being wasted,” said Finder editor-in-chief Angus Kidman.

10% of Aussies have broken at least one smartphone in the past five years, and 6% have lost their phone in the same time period.

Millennials are three times more likely to permanently lose or destroy their smartphone than Baby Boomers at a rate of 26%.

“If you regularly crack your screen or break your phone, a good case is smart move to avoid replacement costs,” Kidman suggested.

Phone insurance could also be a potential option, along with keeping old phones handy after they’ve been replaced.

Previous research from Finder suggests a third of Australians have an old phone available as a backup, while 24% give their old phones away and 9% sell them online.

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