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Australian News To Facebook Plummets After Ban Imposed

SYDNEY: Web traffic to Australian news sites has been severely impacted by Facebook’s block of the social media platform content.

Analyst Chartbeat’s new site content on Facebook fell by around 13 percent after the social media giant implemented its ban.

The data underscores the impact the US company has on the Australian market and the media in particular.

Further analysis by Chartbeat showed that a pick-up in traffic to news sites from Google was outweighed by the significant slump in traffic from Facebook.

Chartbeat found the percentage of traffic in Australia to news sites from Google Search increased about 34 percent the day after the Facebook ban.

Over the same period, traffic from Facebook fell from around 21 percent to about two percent.

“Unfortunately, Facebook’s disappearance has resulted in a hit to publishers’ traffic numbers – when Facebook traffic dropped off, overall Australian traffic did not shift to other platforms,” Chartbeat said.

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