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Australia Ranked 9th Most Affordable Country For Technology

Australia is the 9th most affordable country for buying technology products, according to a study comparing the prices of 72 different countries.

The 2016-17 Technology Price Index, conducted by eCommerce platform Linio, established an average cost of 14 popular devices from independent retailers, major chains and online stores in each country.

The results indicated Australia is the 5th most affordable country for Samsung Tablets, the 6th most affordable for multifunction printers and the 7th most affordable for both the Apple Watch and Android phones.

Australia ranked significantly lower in affordability for other Apple products, coming in 61st place for the MacBook, 44th for the iPad Mini and 20th for the iPhone.

Other affordability rankings for Australia included 49th for portable chargers, 44th for a 2TB external hard drive, and 27th for a 40″ Smart TV.

New Zealand ranked much lower than Australia in the study with an overall ranking of 52. Meanwhile, Venezuela was found to be the most expensive country for all the products researched due to inflation.

Taxes were factored into the results, but sales, discounts and delivery costs were not considered.


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