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Aussies Spent $62B Online, Set To Double: AusPost

Australians spent a record $62.3 billion online last year as we adjusted to a new retail reality, although online shopping still only made up 19.3 per cent of total purchases.

According to the report, over 80 per cent of Aussies shopping online during 2021, with 5.4 million households doing so at least once a month.

While online shopping had been predicted to hit 12 per cent by 2021, Australians still lag behind.

“While the growth over the last two years has been significant and brought Australia closer to where many of the global eCommerce leaders were pre-pandemic, we still lag not just in terms of online spend, but on other metrics such as purchase
frequency too,” explained Australia Post CEO Paul Graham in the foreword to its annual online spending report, prepared by Commbank iQ.

The report also revealed that 1.4 million “super shoppers” make up as much as half of this online traffic, further skewing the numbers.

“There’s 1.4 million households actively shopping online every day with a broad range of products, and then the occasional shoppers are 2.5 million households, so you only need some of those to become more active and the percentage goes up rapidly,” Graham told the AFR.

He predicts that online spend will double in the next five years, as it becomes the new norm.

73.1 per cent more purchases were made online in 2021 compared to 2019, “demonstrating the strong change in shopper behaviour over the past two years.”



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