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Aussies Push ‘Nintendo’ Google Searches To Ten-Year High

Local Google searches relating to ‘Nintendo’ soared to over a ten-year high in the first half of 2020, according to trend numbers released by the online giant.

It comes as Nintendo continues to battle global shortages for its best-selling Switch console, with some commentators asserting it was duly unprepared for the demand surge from home-bound consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.

A slew of supply chain issues have continued to plague Switch production, exacerbated by increased demand in recent months.

As previously reported, the company has pledged to increase Switch output by 10% to 22 million this year, dependent on coronavirus conditions.

Significant shortages at retail outlets, inclusive of within Australia, has lead to some individuals listing the product for sale online at a notable markup versus its RRP.

[JB Hi-Fi – July 2020]

[eBay Australia – April 2020]

Among the top 20 searches which notched the highest growth over the past six months included; coronavirus (#1), panic buying (#4), Animal Crossing (#9) and Black Lives Matter (#6).

Searches for ‘craft’ and ‘gardening’ also jumped to a ten-year high, prompt by a surge in home-bound consumers amongst coronavirus measures.

Local searches relating to information about the coronavirus pandemic dominated results, with data more than four times the search interest for the Australian bush fires in January (320% greater).

Search interest for ‘government’ and ‘great recession’ also climbed to a nine-year high, whilst inquiries around ‘meditation’ hit their second highest peak on record.

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