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Are Big Three Telco Plans Good Value?

Almost one in five customers of the “big three” telcos – Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone – believe they are not getting their money’s worth.

Research by comparison site Finder has found that 78 per cent of Australian mobile customers have a plan with Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone, with 18 per cent of these customers thinking they are not getting value for money; this compares to only seven per cent of dissatisfied customers with smaller telcos.

According to Angus Kidman, telco analyst at Finder, users can get more data for less money with smaller networks like SpinTel, Circles.Life and amaysim, without receiving worse coverage.

“It’s true that brand new 5G networks aren’t usually available through smaller players, but that won’t make any difference for the vast majority of Australians.

“All telcos use one of the big three networks, so your service shouldn’t suffer. The biggest trade-offs are in extra features, like data-free music streaming, which many smaller telcos tend to lack,” he said.

19 per cent of Australian consumers have switched providers in the last six months, adds Kidman.

“The pandemic has seen many Aussies tightening the purse strings. If you’re looking for a way to easily cut down your bills, your mobile phone plan is a good place to start,” he said.

Millennials are the most likely customers to be with one of the big three, at 82 per cent, compared to 70 per cent of baby boomers.

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