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Apple Wants MacBook Owners To Upgrade More Often

Apple is set to release a new MacBook line-up with the new models set to be shown at their World-Wide Developers Conference, however questions have been raised as to how Apple plans to go about forcing consumers to upgrade.

According to sources repairs to existing MacBooks are set to suddenly become uneconomical compared to buying a replacement.

While it might be legal in some Countries, the move could be questionable in Australia.

According to sources, Apple’s entire MacBook line-up is scheduled for a refresh with the big phone Company giving the MacBook Pro a new, faster Intel Kaby Lake chipset.

There is even speculation that new Pro model might even have a new in-house chip that would improve low-power performance.

Their 12-inch Retina MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Air is also tipped to get a speed boost.

ChannelNews understands that Apple is targeting Microsoft customers and their Surface sales.

Earlier this month Apple declared one of its MacBooks obsolete. The final ‘white’ MacBook is dead and gone.

Apple’s latest earnings report shows that unit sales and revenue are up.

Apple’s job now is to keep the revenue generation building as iPhone sales start to wobble.

What Apple want to do and their retailers love the idea is to get consumers to renew their MacBook or MacBook Pro’s on a regular basis.

With the iPhone, the expected timescale is every two years – the product cycle with the vanilla numbered models and the ’S’ models offers a clean refresh every 24 months.

Forbes said recently that when the Apple iPad was launched it was expected to follow a similar rhythm, in practice it took a little bit longer for the tablets to reach the point of replacements, with three years being more the norm.

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