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Apple Unveil New ‘PowerBeats Pro’ Earbuds

AirPods manufacturer, Apple, has officially unveiled its new ‘PowerBeats Pro’ (AU$349.95) true wireless sports earbuds, slated for release sometime in May.

The Beats by Dre ‘Powerbeats Pro’ buds leverage the success of its popular over-the-ear headphone cans, targeting a brand loyal audience.

Targeting a fitness-orientated audience, or those that prefer a more secure fit, the new earbuds feature adjustable ear hooks, and ship with a charging case.

Apple asserts the sweat resistant earbuds were developed in conjunction with several athletes, to deliver “powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and noise isolation for a premium listening experience.”

Available in ivory, moss, navy and black, the headphones feature autoplay functionality to recognise when they’re in a user’s ears.

Music playback automatically pauses when removed from the ears, with power turned off when returned to the case.

Like Apple’s new AirPods 2, the Californian giant has placed its new H1 chip into the earbuds, for hands-free control its smart assistant Siri.

Despite this, the earbuds feature several physical button controls including declining a call with the long–press of the ‘b’ button.

Battery life pledges 9-hours of usage from a single charge, with a total of 24-hours combined playback via the accompanying charging case.

Five minutes of charging claims to offer 1.5 hours of playback, with 15 minutes promising 4.5 hours of usage.

A pair of beam-forming microphones have also been integrated to minimise surrounding and ambient noise.

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