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Apple Set To Unleash ‘Max’ On The World On Tuesday

Apple is likely to announce the iPhone XS and its Plus version next week in September, its traditional product announcement month, according to a swathe of online rumours.

The company has remained coy about the release date, specs, pricing and just about everything else.

Having said that, it hasn’t denied that the successor to last year’s top-end iPhone X will be called the XS and its larger version will have a 6.5 inch screen, the largest of an iPhone to date and larger than most other handset models on the market.

Speculation is also rife that Apple will dub the Plus version of XS as “Max” as in “taking it to the Max”, due to its size.

Apple has scheduled an event for next Wednesday, September 12, which means pre-models will probably be available next Friday, September 14 followed by a full release on September 21.

Amongst other industry scuttlebutt, the phones are tipped to have OLED displays and a new A12 chip designed in-house specifically for the iPhone.

Last year’s A11 iPhone chip was built using a 10 nanometre manufacturing process, but the new models are expected to use a 7nm process, meaning the company can use more transistors in its chip and boost performance by 20 per cent, according to some reports.


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