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Apple Set To Make Poking Your Ear Or Stroking Your Nose A New Way To Interact With AirPods

The next generation of Apple AirPods Pro 2 needed a big idea to justify their expensive price tag and Apple believes they have the answer in that their new generation buds will deliver “through-body” response technology.

Apple has their ‘kiss my backside media’ these are organisations, that are so in love with Apple products and their ridiculous pricing, that they lose all sense of impartiality and bow to the feet of Apple executives and the gospel according to Apple.

This is despite Apple being convicted of stealing patents and openly nobbling iPhones using software upgrades so that consumers are forced to buy a new model device just to get decent battery life.

These media organisations are also used to leak rumours and the latest is more a discovery than a leak.

A recently discovered patent by Patently Apple revealed that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Apple a second AirPods Pro patent relating to new through body input methods.”

According to the patent, the AirPod Pro 2 will be able to “detect signals passed through the structure of the human body”, including “an ear, the walls of an ear canal, a head, a user’s body, a body part”.

Control of the Apple noise-cancelling wireless buds will be activated by touching your face, clicking your tongue, or making in-air hand gestures.

The patent even suggests the user could “swipe a structure”, meaning you could, for example, control the volume by circling your finger around the palm of your hand.

And if that is not spooky enough to convince you to buy one of their buds that are not as good as several other buds, we have reviewed that is always the option

of “in-air hand gestures” according to the patent.

The AirPods Pro 2 buds, expected to be released in late 2021 so if you see someone poking their nose, sticking their finger in their ear, or twitching their eyebrows, they are simply changing a track on their Apple device, so cut them some slack.

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