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Samsung To Release W6 Enabled Galaxy S21 Ultra In OZ

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could be the fastest smartphone on the block with the device set to get support for the high speed Wi Fi 6E standard.

The device when revealed is set to be able to manage the fastest Wi-Fi speeds among all mobile gadgets in the Australian market, according to recent reports.

The top end device is set to be the first mobile device to support Wi-Fi 6E, an extended standard technology using the 6-gigahertz band.

Compared to the current Wi-Fi 6, the new standard technology enables twice faster transmission of data at the highest speed of 2.4 gigabits per second.

The speed supports viewing 8K content and smooth operations of virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

The Galaxy S21 line-up is anticipated to be unveiled on Jan. 14 and released Jan. 29.

  • The speeds are subject to available NBN broadband.
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