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Apple Planning OLED iPads, iMacs, MacBooks

Samsung Display has reportedly began working on the development of an OLED panel for an iPad, in a bid to secure the manufacturing contact for a forthcoming OLED iPad.

LG Display has also been in talks with Apple regarding the production of two-stack OLED panels for iPad.

As TheElec reports, these panels have a a two-stack tandem structure and two emission layers, making them capable of being a lot brighter and lasting longer than traditional panels.

Apple isn’t stopping at the iPad, with plans to roll out OLED MacBooks and iMacs in 2025.

No doubt they will be using the iPads as a test market of sorts, before overhauling the Macbook and iMac ranges. OLED pricing has become cheaper, meaning that Apple will soon be able to use it in larger models in a cost effective way.


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