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Apple Phone Release Delayed Says Source

According to a reliable source, the iPhone 15 will experience a delay in availability.

In an investment note written by Bank of America Global Research analyst Wamsi Mohan, claims were made that 2023’s new iPhone line-up not release on deadline of an predicted September launch timeline. Mohan believes consumers can expect a delay with the new iPhone not shipping most likely until October.

As reported by Barrons, this unforeseen delay will thrust the new iPhone 15’s release into the last quarter of 2023.

Having a history of making correct predictions, Mohan also tipped off the market back in 2020 that the iPhone 12 range would be delayed by a month, and it was.

For consumers, most don’t mind waiting another month or two to get their hands on the latest and greatest Apple model, but for Apple, Q4 sales will take a hit. Sales could even end up into next year as opposed to 2023 like the company forecasted.

As for what’s expected when the phones are released, the Dynamic Island system has been predicted to be added to all phones from the iPhone 14 Pro. Additionally, we’ve heard that the iPhone 15 Pro might be in for a camera upgrade to a periscope camera.

To round out new upgrades, Apple may finally trade proprietary Lightning connector to the generic USB-C standard.

Regardless of this potential delay, Apple is set to rollout the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphones.

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