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Apple Paid $86 Billion To App Developers In 2022

Apple announced its App Store enjoyed a record year for both visitor numbers and earnings paid out to developers.

The App Store boasts more than 650 million visitors across 175 regions each week, according to Apple.

Develops have earned a whopping A$463 billion through the App Store since 2008, with a record A$83 billion coming in 2022 alone.

“And this considerable number represents just a fraction of the overall commerce the app ecosystem facilitates,” the company rushes to remind people in its press announcement, pointing to a 2021 study titled “A Global Perspective on the Apple App Store Ecosystem,” which “takes an in-depth look at how the App Store supported small businesses” through the pandemic.

Apple also revealed it has more than 900 million paid subscriptions across Apple services, for which subscriptions on the App Store “drive a significant portion.”


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