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Apple NZ Under Fire For Misleading Consumer Rights

The New Zealand Commerce Commission has issued an official warning against Apple, asserting the electronics manufacturer’s replacement conditions breach the local Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act.

As per the NZ Herald, Commissioner Anna Rawlings states the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act does not specify predetermined expiry periods, contrasting Apple’s consumer advice.

The company’s responsibility over third-party products sold via its online store is also under contention.

Apple Sales New Zealand is accused of referring consumers to manufacturers of non-Apple branded products, thereby reducing Apple’s liability.

The Commission’s letter follows over two years of complaints concerning T&Cs related to Apple purchases, including the repair/replacement of faulty goods.

As per the published letter, the Commission asserts Apple has likely mislead consumers by “trying to exclude its liability for non Apple branded products.”

“If this behaviour is continuing, we recommend you take immediate action to address our concerns and seek legal advice about complying with the Fair Trading Act,” the Commission adds.

Apple has reportedly co-operated with investigations, and made changes in line with the Commission’s recommendations.

For example, Apple staff are now reportedly aware that NZ consumer rights are “not bound by time”.


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